The CDHET (Communication and Development of People, Companies and Territories) regroups the researchers of the IUT of Le Havre specializing in Information and Communication Sciences. The CDHET works on several themes of research dealing with the trace (digital traces, Human-trace) and electronic communication. The second axis – coordinated by Fabien Liénard and Sami Zlitni – gathers every two years hundreds of researchers from five continents. At these international conferences – where the quality of scientific exchanges is combined with an exemplary conviviality – the researchers explore various facets of this type of communication. After “Electronic communication in mono and multilingual situations – forms, borders, future ” (2010), ” Electronic communication in the information society ” (2012), ” Electronic Communication, cultures and identity ” (2014), the conference of 2018 will centre its analysis on “ Social Networks, Digital Traces and Electronic Communication”.

I use the opportunity given to me here to congratulate Fabien Liénard and Sami Zlitni on their exceptional dynamism and would like to express my wish that the research they have been undertaking since the beginning of decade 2010 could continue until 2020, allowing them to keep meeting the conceptual and practical challenges which emerge from the digital society.

Pr. Beatrice Galinon-Mélénec
Director of the CDHET
Director of E. Laboratory Human-Trace Complex System UNESCO