Conference 2010

The first conference organized by the Information & Communication department of the IUT of Le Havre on electronic communication took place on December 9th – 10th, 2010. It was entitled “Electronic communication in mono and multilingual situations – Forms, Borders, Future “.


The edition 2010 of this conference was realized within the framework of the scientific long lasting collaboration (for several years) between the specialists of Language Sciences in Rouen and those of Information and Communication Sciences in Le Havre. Beyond this privileged relation and the researchers’ presentations in Information and Communication Sciences and in Language Sciences the proposed themes concerned many other disciplines.


La communication électronique : enjeux de langues.

The long texts of the selected presentations gave rise to the publication of the collective work entitled: Electronic communication: language issues. The complete reference: Liénard F. and Zlitni S. (dir.), (2011), La communication électronique : enjeux de langues, Limoges, Lambert-Lucas editions, 310 p.

Les conférences

Hoda Elsadda

Arabic Literature in Cyberspace:
The Emergence of New Literary Counterpublics

Professor, recipient of the Chair in studies of contemporary Arab world. Manchester University, Great Britain.

Yves Gambier

et tradaptation

University professor and Director of the Centre of translation and interpretation. The University of Turku, Finland.


Devant ou derrière l'écran...
Une généalogie critique des "relations azerty"

Professor at the University of Bourgogne. He is part of the CIMEOS / 3S and scientific director of Propédia, a laboratory of the Group IGS (Paris).

Foued Laroussi

Le code-switching arabe-français dans
les écrits électroniques :
formes établies, formes émergentes

Professor of Language Sciences and Director of the LiDiFra. Rouen University.

They supported the organization of the conference in 2010:

L’État, la Ville du Havre, les Universités du Havre et de Rouen, IDEES Le Havre et LidiFra Rouen, l’IUT du Havre, l’ADBS, et l’Institut des sciences de la communication du CNRS.